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CurleyBob And Friends Welcome Page!

CurleyBob And Friends Welcome Page!

Domestic Discipline is a lifestyle choice. Are you looking for a place where you can find like-minded people to discuss all the ins and outs of a DD relationship in a sincere, safe and fun-loving atmosphere?

CurleyBob and Friends provides a forum for honest interaction and support. This is a Domestic Discipline forum were the Male or Female can be either the HOH (Head Of Household) or the TIH (Taken In Hand) in the relationship.

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This is a place where we can talk about how DD affects the ups and downs in our relationship, ask/answer questions that you or someone else may have, and support each other. I am looking for people that want to help the DD community to talk to like-minded people to encourage and have fun with each other.


I hate to use that word, but every forum needs some rules to keep things running smoothly, and to insure this is a safe, fun place for all of us. First and foremost... This site is intended for ADULTS. If you are under the age of 18, please leave immediately. For the rest of us, the following apply:
  1. The biggest rule on this server is NO pornography.
    If you wish to post something, and you aren't sure, then send it to me first. I would say that frontal nudity is out, and erotic stories would be okay as long as 'pretty' words are used...
  1. This is a DD site.
    Please, limit your discussions of D/s, M/s, or BDSM... to a minimum. I am aware that the line between some of these is somewhat gray... WEG We all play a bit with D/s, but the majority of us are not into harsh D/s...
  2. Be polite.
    We are not always going to agree, and that is okay. If there is a problem, please handle it tactfully... No flaming will be allowed, and this includes me!
  3. No spamming!
    I'm sure that is the farthest thing from anyone's mind, but I want it stated clearly just in case it ever comes up.
  4. This is not a 'play' forum.
    Please respect the couples who post here. Any unsolicited email that makes you uncomfortable should be reported to me immediately, and will be dealt with promptly.
  5. The material on this site is copyrighted.
    Nothing may be used or reprinted without permission of the owner. By the same token, nothing is to be posted here from another site or author without his/her permission. If you are in doubt, best not to post it...
  6. Being this is a adult forum please leave talking about spanking children under the age of 18 out of this site.

Disclaimer: use the information posted on this forum at your own risk what is suggested to work for one may not work for anther in other words act like a responsible adult, weigh what your read carefully before trying it out for yourself.


Thank you all for your consideration... These rules may be amended from time to time if there is a need.

If you are interested in joining us please email me three usernames (just in case it's already taken) pick your username carefully because once it is in the system it can't be changed and a viable email with a short introduction or if you have any questions please email me at the link below.

CurleyBob And Friends

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